Monday, 7 March 2016

Kākano Whakatauki

I am learning the Kākano Team whakatauki.

I will know that I am successful when:
  • I can say the whakatauki from memory, in Te Reo and English
  • I can talk about how the whakatauki is connected to my learning

Nō he kākano iti, e puawai ana he kahikatea
From a small seed, a tall tree will blossom

Friday, 4 March 2016

Writing Book Standards

Teacher Comment
Izzak, you were very focussed when working with Robert to check if you were following our school book standards. Did Robert agree with you?

Term 1 Writing

I am learning to:
  • write a thank you letter
I will know I am successful when………...
My letter includes:
⏭ an address                           ⏭ the short date     
⏭ Dear……… - on a line by itself ⏭ a thank you sentence
⏭ an appreciation sentence        ⏭ extra details about the day   
From - on a line by itself       ⏭ my name - on a line by itself

Next Step
Izzak, publishing your writing without mistakes is important. Stay focussed and don't let yourself be distracted, so you don't loose your place and then copy the wrong words.